Friday, November 19, 2010

A Speech

Nobody is perfect. And what I witnessed last night was not the most perfect speech in the world. But there's a small facet in the world of today called respect. And there was plenty of that lacking throughout this event. George W. Bush came to campus last night to discuss his newly released book, "Decision Points" as well as talk about time during his presidency. After listening to the small amount of time he actually was at the podium speaking, I was not very impressed with the material the man covered in his speech. However, it should not have been met with the protests, objections and comments made by the few attendees who didn't have the decency to call themselves adults. Three times last night...three times interruptions were made with disrespectful words and hand gestures raised to the guest speaker. I'm not going to sit here and give a lengthy diatribe on why or why not George W. Bush should be respected but I am going to say this. Someone in power, whether it be a president, a member of Congress, a secretary of state or even a police officer...these members of authority only have so much ability in their title to do the right thing at the time. And President Bush did exactly that.

A CBS News poll taken back in 2009 showed 36% of Americans wanted the President and Congress to focus most on Iraq with Afghanistan coming in at a strong second place with 35%. This specific poll showed an increasing concern with Afghanistan which is completely legitimate. However, it's safe to say a majority of Americans, back in 2001, were supportive of the decision to wage war against Al-Qaeda and those who brought on the September 11th attacks. That being said, to judge a president by a policy like this seems hypocritical. I'm not stating this war was anything close to successful as it could have been, if it even could have been. It was frustrating last night to see these Americans protesting outside the building and interrupting a distinguished guest for their chance to spout out some phrases they perceived would change the U.S. for the better. Reality check. It's not.

My main point I'm trying to make is that supportive or not, Populist or Libertarian, Democrat or Republican, this thing we call respect and consideration should not be left at security for someone we deem as unworthy of being granted it. He was never close to being the perfect president but when has any president ever been considered a flawless candidate?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Fur Real

I spotted this chick on campus last spring...months before the fur craze flooded fashion spreads and websites. She worked it well.

Sleeping With Giants

Because everyone and their mother has joined the bandwagon in this journey of self-discovery through endless words, photos and opinions, I thought I'd join the club and give my two cents of what little I know about my interests. A bit dramatic, I realize, but who isn't these days. This virtual publication will include, but will not be limited to, fashion, music, literature, the materialistic world (I hate the online shopping movement aka "phenomenon I have fallen victim to"), the mundane life of the college student (my ideal party consists of me sitting at home with an issue of Nylon in one hand and something edible in the other) and just any other random thoughts of mine. I realize these posts aren't supposed to be edited to the death so this might be a challenge for myself. Nevertheless, I'm going to try to refrain from the inevitable. If you've gotten this far...cheers to you.