Thursday, February 10, 2011

Summer Begs


I feel like 2011 is about to bring a ridiculous amount of pivotal music. So I thought I'd give my thoughts on a few artists and bands. Ones who I feel should be known to all.

I recently heard about Jai Paul from a friend and am considering changing my first name after hearing his song "BTSTU". It's amazing for lack of a better word. As my friend described it, "It's like a funky, slinky Yeasayer." And she was surprisingly accurate with that description. Nonetheless, the Londoner gives an almost Jamiroquai-esque sound which will only gives more of a reason for his fan base to explode.

I also just ordered Crystal Fighters' debut album "Star of Love". I haven't ever compromised with Ebay on international purchases but I couldn't go a day longer without blasting this in my car. So I succumbed. Hailing from Spain, the band has made a true gem in the world of over-produced music. Fusing folk with dance, the band has broken barriers in an attempt for a revolutionary genre. "Swallow", a dubstep-like tune is a surprising addition to the album. Crystal Fighters make their debut a solid hit with songs like "Xtatic Truth" and "In The Summer".

Now that the holidays and all of its' chaos has come to a close, I'm becoming more and more antsy with these giftcards sitting on my dresser. Must. Spend. Now. First stop will definitely be Barnes & Noble to purchase the debut album of Fitz & The Tantrums. "Pickin' Up the Pieces,"which, I feel, will be one of my favorite albums for 2011. The band has a modern soul feeling that is unbelievable.